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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Welcome to my chaos,er, kitchen

I love cooking and baking almost as much as I enjoy eating. I’m all about kitchen experiments, or as Alton Brown says, playing with my food. I seldom follow a recipe exactly anymore. I’ll at least increase the garlic or cinnamon or substitute another herb for the cilantro that I don’t like so much. Sometimes the recipe is just a suggestion, kind of like speed limits or the Ten Commandments are for some people.

What I hope to do here -- God willing and pilot error not withstanding -- is share some recipes, cooking tips and various observations that may or may not have anything to do with what normally goes on in a kitchen. I'll test recipes from cookbooks and periodicals that catch my eye, and there will be at least one photo of each one (this is where pilot error may occur).

Everyone who cooks welcomes a new, tested recipe, and I welcome you to my blog.

For a while my posts will be intermittent, because we recently moved, still need to sell our house in Akron, and my sister and I are busy sorting through mountains of stuff in my parents' old condo. Then we get to put THAT on the market.

My blog name was born when I stumbled upon the above rhyme online about King Henry supposedly dumping his wife because of her use of herbs. To this I say, "You go, girl." Didn't the man eat everything in sight? How picky could he be?

Being a journalist by trade, I tried to prove that the very clever Ogden Nash wrote the rhyme (only one of the many references mentioned him), but I never could. And believe me, I looked through as many library books as I could find after my Internet search proved fruitless. I gave up because I'm not anal retentive, after all. I'm not. Or maybe it's that I'm not obsessive compulsive. Are those hyphenated? Wait, let me go look it up....

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